PERLE VENEZIANE is the name of some independent apartments, scattered in Venice, unique town, full of many peculiarities, destination for all holidays and all year. This resort is Bruno Agnolin’s idea, our father: in 1987, he constituted Immobiliare Sviluppo s.a.s. company, purchasing two small units near La Fenice Theatre; so, our family embarked on time-sharing business. With time, our unusual resort increased and now our apartments are still put on sale and managed by us.

We chose independent apartments to let our owners feel like Venice’s real residents, not simply tourists just for some hours.

Perle Veneziane’s apartments are furnished and supplied according to average families’ needs. Our apartments let you spend your holidays in privacy, living in this wonderful “in-open-museum” town! In 1994, after three years from our affiliation, for the first time our resort received RID recognition (confirmed following years) from RCI; we received some Hospitality recognitions too.

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